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What did you play over the weekend?

The next few days are expected to be jobless for you, and that means you'll probably play some really fun games over the weekend.

It's a holiday weekend here in the states, so in between the beer, hamburger, and fireworks festivities, those of us who aren't celebrating will play.

Over the weekend we will be playing some interesting demos, simulating it, channeling our inner demon killer, solving puzzles with Legos, returning to the Valorant swing , and finally trying to ward off a tall vampire lady.

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Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor – Lego Builder ' s Journey, MMO Tycoon 2

I haven't Lego Builder ' s Journey ended last week, so I’ll be back this weekend to polish the latter of these fun puzzles. I love the beam beam implementation, and this is just the beginning of my Lego itch in a new and exciting way. Actually, I love it. That’s all I can say there.

Meanwhile – MMO Tycoon 2 is one of my pick -ups from the Steam Summer Sale. It ' s an early access game and I don ' t really have a chance to play it yet, but a friend of mine was bombarding with time and it ' s impossible to hook into it-and because of this it ' instead I hope to get into it. I’m a sucker for PC management, sim games, and tycoon – and so it comes with all the right itch.

Finally, I got some sessions of Sea of ​​Th steal planned with friends. The update to A Pirate ' s Life really drew all of us, and it has nothing to do with the content of Pirates of the Caribbean, really-just because of the way its story formatting and adventure is more suited to the casual way we play games. It will take us a few weeks, but I hope we finish the whole story.

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Dorrani Williams, Video Producer – Valorant

Not much happens over the weekend for me but I'm firm returned to Valorant now. My desire is back to how it used to be and I’m climbing the ranks after a slow start.

Also, I read the comment section on these posts and I see many of you responding to what you're playing on the weekends but I often see a lot of single player games, which is good but i want to know what everyone's favorite multiplayer games are.

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Lauren Aitken, Guides Writer – The Sims 4, Assassin ' s Creed Valhalla, Stellaris

The letting go wasn’t easy, and this week I said goodbye to Commander Shepard and with me finally finished Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition. I also finished GTA 5 for the first time and somehow I kept all three antiheroes alive, despite their insignificance. Choosing who will stay in the games isn’t always an easy choice – unless your Kaiden or Ashley because you’re both terrible at each other. When it comes to goodbyes, the final conversation with my boyfriend in the extra space, Garrus, was as painful as the first time and it would take a while before I was ready to play it again.

Speaking of farewells, this also happens to be my final submission for VG247. Fear not, fans of satire, as you will see me somewhere soon. But for now, I want to thank all of you for following my guides and terrible jokes over the past few years and wish my colleagues here the best.

So, what's my next play? So, the new The Sims 4 cube DLC looks too good to ignore and I got the Assassin ' s Creed Valhalla DLC to break before I start my new paper. I have also started my one-billion Stellaris run-through where I promise never to go down the synthetics route again. Sure.

Sherif Saed, Staff Writer – Demos (PC)

Steam Next Fest is done with technology; it’s all about the Summer Sale today. But like previous Steam demo bonanzas, many of the same demos that debut at Next Fest will remain available afterwards.

Extreme developers understand that they don't want early, unfinished development of their games there, too many, so many lost demos after the event. But others are happy to keep them, usually because their games are about to release and they want to push the excitement for their projects.

I continue to be amazed that demos are back as a legitimate marketing tool, and I'm all for it. This weekend, I'm taking a look at some of the remaining demos, and I'll try as many of them as possible.

I'm also playing a game we haven't talked about yet, but one that we'll definitely see and hear the next few days.

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Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Resident Evil Village, home office decor

The friends I play with is busy this weekend with barbeques or not on vacation, so it ' s a single-player weekend for me.

I really need to finish resident Evil Village but other than that, I have no idea what I want to play. I wasn’t around to playing Dark Alliance last week because the people I was playing with decided they wanted to do other things over the weekend. This weekend, my main boys will be on vacation, so there willn ' t have any co-op sessions with him.

At one point, I didn't really know what I was going to play on the weekend other than REV. I wanted to dive back into Skyrim because I was able to run the game smoothly with all the mods I installed. However, I played that game so many times, I was a bit burned out – something I thought I couldn’t say about an Elder Scroll Game.

What I will probably do over the weekend is finish my office. My mom helped me install and finish some lovely bookhelves, which will soon be filled with all my nerd stuff like, Skyrim statues and books, my Zelda collectives, Pokemon plushies, first and second edition of Poe's books, and horses. A strange mix of things really. I also bought some strip lights to go around the ceiling, and I had lots of pictures, tapestry, dragon reliefs, and flags to hang. They consist of The Witcher, Skyrim, and Lord of the Rings copies, and Lord of the Rings standards. I also have a weird music poster that I want to frame, three of which are Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, and GNR. I know, that’s a weird mix of favorite bands. So, while I’m not playing too much, somehow my office will have a gaming theme. I think it belongs as something related to playing for the weekend.

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-Doom Eternal

I love a next time updated by gen. Doom Eternal is the latest game to be sprated up, at no extra charge, for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S (and PC). I’ve been waiting to give it a go since the update was announced in August of last year. I jumped on the Xbox Series X (thanks, Game Pass) and I’m definitely glad I waited.

For one thing, the game now has three visual options. There’s a ray tracking mode, a 120 FPS mode with great performance, and a resolution mode. It’s fair to say that it all looks destructive, with 60 FPS being the minimum. I chose ray tracking once I messed up the resolution, and it looks great.

I'm still very early in the game, but the environments have been given a super sense of reality, even though there are unlikely to be many games so far away from actual reality. You just feel like you are part of the world now.

I'm a sucker for fancy graphics, and Doom Eternal has now shot to the top of the list of showcase titles for the Xbox Series X and PS5. [19659004]

If you live in the US, you'll probably spend your time celebrating the 4th of the week with cooking and fireworks (don't blow your fingers), but definitely you will also have time to play games. If so, we want to know your gaming plans.

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