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What did you play over the weekend?

Ah, the weekend. Time to put the back week to work with us, relax, enjoy the weather, and play some games.

Although you can take a week off at night with a play session, the weekend is a great time to play, as you are not busy with work, making sure the kids are brushing their teeth, or dealing in the stress of normal, daily life.

Playing games can be catholic as well, and being able to bash some baddies or live without change by a certain character can be good for the state of mind. Plus, it can help your brain think or relax depending on what you’re playing.

This weekend, we plan to discuss our backlog, play the latest release on PC, revisit a previously released game, and maybe try something new with us.

Here's what we played over the weekend:

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Dorrani Williams, Video Producer – The Last of Us 2 PS5 (maybe )

This is one of those weekends which is not on the gaming agenda.

The backlog is forming and my Steam library is staring at me with frustration. It says I can start my replay with The Last of Us 2 because it got the PS5 update but chances are, once I relax and get ready to hit start and start a new playthrough, I’ll get a message from my friends to play Valorant or Apex Legends and I’ll probably say yes.

Friends are actually the biggest threat against the development of the gaming backlog.

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Rebecca Jones, Guides Writer – Life Is Strange 2

I've Been a Little in Life is Strange Kick These past few days. That could be the steady drip-feed of hype for Life is Strange: True Colors over the past few weeks; or I’m currently reading the latest volume of the comics continuation in the first game. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve always, to some degree, been on a Life’s Strange kick.

Whatever the reason, over the weekend I will try to get the last few trophies in Life is Strange 2 the only game in the franchise that I have yet to reach Platinum. I was in the final stages of my second playthrough, with only three trophies to arrive. Strong matters to something, seems like a suitable low-stress way to spend some time on the weekend.

I honestly love Life is Strange 2 – mainly because Sean Diaz is one of my favorite video game protagonists, even if his franchise -mate Chloe Price can't be eliminated as GOAT in my opinion. But I’m not too much waiting to reach the end again, because I don’t really want any of the possible outcomes in this story. To be fair, the only Life is Strange game that I felt stuck landing was Before the Storm, and that’s probably because as a prequel it’s usually a final conclusion.

For me, the Life is Strange series has always been about journeys rather than destinations – so I wouldn ' t be sad to see it end again, in more ways than one. (Although it would be nice to ping my first Platinum trophy in a while.) However, less than four months to wait until True Colors arrives and, dare I say, brings a whole new set of characters and screenplay. for me to be emotionally over -invested. I really can't wait.

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Sherif Saed, Staff Writer – Days Gone (PC), Battlefield 5 (PS5)

I'm not satisfied in my time in Days Gone on PS4 when I played it at launch. The only thing really lonely to me was the loop of rummaging through car cupboards and trunks for ingredients, making, and occasionally avoiding / releasing a few zombies in between.

The lack of love for its main character, the world and many of the design decisions made by Bend in gameplay, however, made it impossible for this loop to keep me focused beyond 20 or more hours .

But I remember thinking how great it feels on a mouse and keyboard with framerates higher than 30fps. I got my request this week with the release of Days Gone on PC, and I spent some time playing it. Unfortunately, most of what I hope will be better on the PC just isn’t.

The framerate is much higher, sure, but the heavy, movement-led character Days Gone is a nightmare on a keyboard. Aiming, another area I felt the accuracy of a mouse would actually be smoother, feels about as intricate as it did on a DualShock 4, and I regularly rely on the bullet time mechanic to have any real chance to land the murder shots. [19659004] But I want to save whatever I can from this irrevocable game, so I'm going to go with the former art of deception. I wanted to boost all my stats, unlock all the weapons and see if I could pick up the game’s famous large hordes, which is really the only thing I haven’t done on the PS4. I suspect once I push those limits, that will be the end of my time with it.

You may recall that a few weeks ago, I decided to give Battlefield 5 on the PS5 a shot. Although I don’t usually aim for worthwhile controls, I want to see how well I do.

The influx of new players from the PlayStation Plus, matchmaking puts me into skill-appropriate games, and DICE's work with the goal of helping life BF5 all combined really made it fun to play -play.

I was surprised to learn that I was surprisingly okay with it. I ended up in the top five on my team in every game I played, and even though I’m still nowhere near enough to play shooters with a controller, I don’t have difficulty – I feel capable – which is more than I honestly thought . [19659004] I wanted to play more over the weekend, maybe try and work on my accuracy so far. Dorrani and I recorded our thoughts on what we’d like to see at the next Battlefield earlier this week, and I’m in the mood for some mess at that Battlefield.

If Battlefield 6 – or whatever it's finally called – knocked it out of the park, I see myself playing it on two different platforms, so this training should pay off.

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Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Skyrim, Something on the Switch

I have tons of things to do do around the house this weekend, like finally hanging the storm door. I also had a lot of boxes from the move that I still had to go through, and then there was a yard. It really needs mowing. But in between doing things I don't really want to do, I plan to have a little fun

I plan to play Skyrim: Special Edition this weekend, since last week while on vacation , I never went here. I was busy doing holiday things, like sleeping, reading, caught on the Netflix show Lucifer (yes, I like the show), going to my niece’s birthday party, and finally seeing the two of my best friend after all the months of social distance. Needless to say, I was too busy to spend time in Skyrim, but I did do a few sessions in Resident Evil Village.

Then again, I can play something with Switch. I was late to the Switch party and just picked one in February. Looking through our list of Best Moving Games for suggestions, I was thinking about getting either The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Link ' s Awakening . I usually like Zelda games, The Wind Waker being one of my favorites, so I ' m eager to try both.

Then again, New Pokemon Snap looks like a fun, relaxing game that I might consider picking up over. Even though I heard it was a little grinding, I got used to it because I play MMOs, so hearing it don ' t really make me dizzy.

If you have any suggestions on Switch, please feel free to share them with me.

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Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-Resident Evil Village

I have nothing very good to say this week while I was playing a game I couldn’t talk about until Monday, but I finally got along with Resident Evil Village which is how well I expected. [19659004] I've read a lot about the last failed sections, but I hope they don't sour what is shaping up to be another brilliant entry in the series.

Next to this I played the game I called: "Quickly scroll through the previous Resident Evil 8 spoiler gif." I know it happens with almost every major release these days, but I already have at least two fixed, rather destroyed moments and I don’t know how cool they will be when encountered while playing. It’s part of the modern world, I guess, but it doesn’t make it any more annoying.

Side note: I'm very tempted to take Returnal . I still got the credit sat on my PSN account. I just know I don’t have time to play it, but FOMO is true to that one.

So, that's our plans for the weekend. You definitely have something you plan to play over the next few days, and we’d love to hear what games you plan to provide.

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