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What did you play over the weekend?

With the finished and dusty on the 4th festivities, you may find yourself helpless over the weekend in comparison. How about playing some games?

This weekend we find ourselves visiting an old favorite, trying out a top shooter, climbing against some monsters, and trying to save Middle earth from a bunch of pesky Uruk Hai and orcs.

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Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor – Chrono Trigger

I don't know what caused it – maybe it was the revelation of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster rereleases, the first three of which were launched eventually this month, but I have an itch. It’s an itch I get every few years and it just needs to be scratched – so I’ll play Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger is one of the absolutes of the Japanese RPG genre, and anyone who knows their stuff also knows some basic things that are true about its place in the world. That is: in the pantheon of Squaresoft classics, Final Fantasy 6 is the most important mechanically while Final Fantasy 7 is the most important culturally. Final Fantasy 9 is the most adorable, and your favorite. And the Chrono Trigger is, without a doubt, the best. Which is why I’ll replay it again, even though I’ve played and finished it many times before.

Furthermore, most of my weekend will be accepted to work on a major game review. Keep an eye out for that on the site soon. I also just took delivery of a new arcade cabinet … and even though I swore I would never have it coming out, I could do it a little better over the weekend.

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Dorrani Williams, Video Producer – Monster Hunter Stories 2

This weekend I will play Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin .

This is a brilliant game set in the Monster Hunter universe but with a completely different combat system and a heavy emphasis on narration. I was lucky enough to get it early for review purposes and I completed the story mode but much more had to be done by the end of the game.

Now that it's out and the servers are full of players, I'm finally able to try my hand at PvP. Wish me luck!

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James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Halo 5: Guardians, Skate 3

The failure of nailing your colors to the swipe of a console has you missing out on tons of amazing games. The upside though is you can binge on them all eventually you collapse.

Ever since getting a decent PC and the Xbox Series S, I've come across something that is a Game Pass-fueled tear in the green light world of Microsoft, capturing everything in my awakening. Next on the block is Halo 5: Guardians which I took for all £ 0.80 on Prime Day thanks to some outstanding credits.

My limited exposure to both Halo and Gears games means that the same elements I read about in reviews feel fresh and exciting to me, so ' t even every word said of whatever crew goes into my head, I’m having a whale alike.

When I was feeling something a bit more chill, I took advantage of the S Series to revisit some Xbox 360 games as well – especially Skate 3 . Games from that era feel pretty basic these days, but there’s still something enjoyable about the stick flicks and physics that makes it perfect to go back and listen to podcasts.

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Sherif Saed, Staff Writer – Space Punks

Space Punks the new top -down shooter RPG from Flying Wild Hog, is not technically going to live up to the next week. But one of the perks of this job is that we often get early access to games. I’ve been playing Space Punks for a few weeks now, and it’s changed in some ways since I first overcame it.

Although I'm talking about how good some parts of it are in my preview, things are in a much better state now compared to just a few days ago. I wanted to put more time into different characters, like most of my playing Duke. Since the unlocking ability is a bit faster now, I hope it will allow me to explore the different quirks of each class.

I also look forward to next weekend, because then everyone will have a chance to jump It means, more co-op friends, something that is surprisingly harder to find when there are only a few of those people have access to an online game.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Monster Huter Stories 2 demo, The Lord of the Rings Online

This weekend I plan to give the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo a test on the Switch. This will be my first entry into the series, so I ' re looking forward to seeing what the Monster Hunter excitement is all about. The appeal appeals to me because you can make friends with monsters, instead of just defeating each of them in sight.

With my fellow gaming consoles from vacation, we decided this week's co-op jaunt would be The Lord of the Rings Online Yeah, I know. I’ve always played it, but recently we got our First-Age weapons by killing some Roving Threats and we were eager to raise the weapons and Imbue them-which seemed like a complicated process that hardly seemed ko mawari. around no matter how many guides I read.

Also, I finally took the War of the Three Peaks mini-expansion. My friends haven ' t got it yet, so I can ' t dive into the content on Sunday afternoons for a bit of me-time. This is if I found the time on Sunday between cleaning my disgusting house, giving the SUV a wash, and grooming the dogs. The latest addition to the house, Morty is blowing up his puppy coat, and the hair is getting everywhere. Wish me luck with this effort, because trying to brush a thousand-pound 10-year-old German Shepherd is like trying to put a onesie pajama on a three-year-old who drank only 12-packs of Mountain Dew.

So, that's what we're doing this weekend. What are your plans? Are you trying a new game, still colluding with your current favorite, or revisiting something nostalgic? Let us know, as we want to hear about it.

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