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VG247 is Definitely Not a Video Chat Podcast # 2 – Cloud gaming, in -game movies, Kojima's Xbox games, and more

Like every previous week, we went back again to have a little chat about the week that was in video games. We still don’t setup this as a “proper” podcast, but a podcast is what it really is. Stay tuned for a full podcast launch in the near future, where hopefully the show will have an actual name, along with musical jingles and stuff so you can imagine we’re a professional outlet and not a group of people in casual clothes that broadcast outside the bedrooms.

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But, this is not that podcast. It was myself, Alex, Sherif, and Dorrani talking about what we played and some hot topics of the moment in the games industry.

Listen again for thoughts on Chivalry 2, again, where the Sherif had a blast along, and a not -so -quick rundown of almost every video game movie ever made – what's better in Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu? There’s also a nostalgic flashback to the online shooters we’ve all played, some of us have necessarily delved further into the past than others – not to name any names. And we tried to wrap things up thinking about what would be Kojima’s rumored Xbox exclusive game, and partially exaggerate the topic.

I won't destroy it, but Alex also brings a "classic" game from his childhood, that's not about the popular TV alien, Alf. He was also surprised at how difficult golf was in real life.

We've been experimenting a bit with the format, but what do you think? Do you want it in audio form every week? Do you have any suggestions for the name of the podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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