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Total War: The Three Kingdoms team moves on to new project based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Creative Assembly team behind Total War: Three Kingdoms ended up with too much content for the game, so it ' s moving on to another project.

Now that DLC content for Total War: Three Kingdoms is complete, Creative Assembly, the team has moved on to another project based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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As outlined in the developer’s latest video, the team will share more of their direction and scope for this new project when they’re done.

The studio said it was time to turn attention to a new project on the historical story.

"After two years and seven releases of DLC, the Creative Assembly team is looking at the future of Three Kingdoms," the studio said. "The development team has moved into initial labor for our next entry into this universe and we can't wait to continue this journey with you."

So far, the team has indicated that they will be "increasing the focus on this The rich character of the novel's characters and their individual and unique narrative, which combines why Special War: Three Kingdoms is so special and push it further. ”

News of the new project came in conjunction with the latest patch for Total War: Three Kingdoms, 1.7.1.

This large patch is live and contains many repairs requested by the community, as well as an important change to the campaign map that sees Mount Song and Hulao pass moving to their proper locations.It also allows for some further improvements in areas around Yellow River, prevents players from passing through the gate very easily.

Alongside new game news and patch releases, Sega has announced a Complete Your Collection bundle on, allowing you to fill any spaces in your Three Kingdoms DLC library at an additional discount.

This offer will live next to the 1.7.1 patch and will end on Thursday, July 8.

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