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The first major update of Everspace 2 adds new stories, enemies, ships and more

A major patch of Everspace 2 is coming soon.

Rockfish Games has released the next major update coming to Everspace 2 the studio's innovative modern take on Freelancer. The patch, due April 28, will be the main game in Early Access.

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For starters, the update continues the story of the game with three new main missions, and three side missions. Elek, from the original game’s Encounters expansion, returns with this update as one of your in-game companions, offering unique dialogs and gameplay perks. One of those even includes calling Elek as a wingman in battle.

This chapter of the story will introduce new enemies and new locations. You will also now find a new Outlaw Sub-group with its own combat abilities.

Another big addition to this update is the new ship class: Bomber-a heavy class that transforms the hulls of the hulls as you deal more damage. Bombs can also use energy, instead of ammo, with a secondary weapon. The ultimate Bomber is a large bomb that deals with AOE damage in impact.

Shortly after the release of the main update, Rockfish will add a new light ship called the Vanguard. Elsewhere in the update, random puzzles and chase missions in the game have been refreshed with new content. The cap level is also increased to 15, and you should notice the effects of the first major balance that passes across the board.

If you're looking to find out more, Rockfish will livestream the Friday update on YouTube and Twitch as part of the studio's weekly show, starting 11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm UK .

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