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The ' Dynamic Difficulty ' EA wants to predict your behavior, keep you playing longer

Electronic Arts has patented a dynamic difficulty system that can predict and respond to the player's mood, and appears to be directed at making your gaming sessions longer. .

The patent was filed in October 2020 (thanks GameSpot) and made available for the public to see by the end of March 2021. EA itself calls the tech ' Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment ' and this in-game application certainly seems interesting.

As with the patent, the system was built to "perform automatic dropping of grain difficulty" in such a way that the difficulty with spikes and dipping is "indeterminate by a user."

The goal of the system, it seems, is for EA to predict gaming habits and move challenges within the game to better keep up with you. The system will be able to trawl on your previous gaming activity to "generate a game maintenance prediction model that predicts an indication of an expected duration of play."

"Based on the specified expected duration of play, the difficulty level of the video game can be adjusted automatically," the patent notes. Struggling with a boss, or historically having difficulty with a certain class of enemy? The game will be able to explore that and measure challenge in modular components, rather than simply applying an 'easy, medium and hard' difficulty blanket throughout the game.

Remember the AI ​​Director in Left 4 Dead? is kind of sounds like this, even more advanced.

"Often, games that are too hard or too easy will result in less satisfaction for a user," the patent explains. "Consequently, the user is likely to play less in the game. Thus, one of the challenges of game development is designing a game with a level of difficulty that is likely to keep a user engaged for a longer period of time. "

There's a long, ugly history of conversation about poverty in videogames, and it looks like EA is gearing up to discuss some elements of the famously isolated topic as we enter the proper new generation. this tech into Battlefield 6? Nothing yet confirmed.

Whether this technology will be used to make sessions more enjoyable for players, or to direct players towards cuts and so on. more development techniques, will remain to be seen.

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