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Returnal actually has some cheats, if you plug in a keyboard

You can turn cheats on Returnal, but probably not for long.

Apparently Returnal developed a house that Housemarque accidentally sent the game to a number of active cheats. Cheat commands and debug codes are used in game development at all times, for purposes of quick testing and repair.

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Usually, however, they are only known by developers. With no way for players to enter them into the finished game, they remain secret. Not the case with Returnal, it seems, as YouTube user TheRandomizer discovered this week.

The player has dug up a number of useful scams that allow you to unleash any of the game's weapons, return to the crash site (while keeping all earned on the run) and more pa. You will need to connect a keyboard to your PS5 to activate any of these.

The bad news is that Housemarque is aware that the scams are in the wild, and the developer fixes that – most likely now update, so you can also try them out while you can. We’ve added all the code findings below, and you can also watch the video above to see them in action.

None of those scams offer invincible or maximum damage, however, that means you still need to play the game the right way even after activating the cheats. This is why Reddit users have come up with a great strategy for incorporating cheats into your run, for maximum efficiency.

Here are the codes for now (just make sure you're offline):

  • Hold Shift, Control, Alt and select from 1 to 0 to drop weapons at your current Ability level.
  • Hold Shift, Control, 8 to return to your last point in the first cycle.
  • Hold Shift, Control, 4 to return to the crash site at the beginning of the game (with your current stats and pickup).

A couple of other conversations should also be noted. If you are in the fourth biome (or after defeating the boss of the third biome), do not use the command that brings you back to the crash site, as you will not be able to return to the th four biomes and complete your run afterwards.

Using numbers 3 and 7 (while holding Shift and Control) freezes the game. Numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, and 0 did nothing.

The Returnal post actually has some cheats, if you plug in a keyboard it appears first on VG247.

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