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PS5 stock issues are expected to last until 2022, according to Sony

PS5 stock has been tricky to capture since Sony launched the new generation of hardware in November 2020, and the company expects supply issues to continue well into next year. .

It's no secret that PS5 stock is hard to find, wherever you are in the world. The company has already outlined that it wants to build stock at a faster speed than the PS4, but the shortcomings make it difficult to get to components, and the company just can’t keep up with consumer demand.

As per prior report from Bloomberg, the company is not enthusiastic about opportunities to correct the stock shortage issue any time soon, either. thinking demand will calm down this year and even if we secure more devices and produce more PlayStation 5 units next year, our supply will not keep up with demand, ”Sony chief finance officer Hiroki Totoki , said during a briefing after Sony’s latest financial results became public, according to the article.

“We have sold more than 100 million units of the PlayStation 4 and are considering our market share and reputation, I can't imagine that lowering demand will be easy. ”

Sony w ants had previously announced it would produce a whopping 14.8 million consoles to match demand in the fiscal year beginning in April 2021, but the continuing semiconductor shortage is responsible for that goal. We see similar concerns being voiced on the other side of the console fence, too, with the Xbox stating that it expects the shortcomings of the Xbox Series X / S console to continue until at least the summer of 2021. [19659004] It has also been reported that Sony may be working on a hardware design that could make it easier, and cheaper, for it to make PS5 consoles.

So far, Sony has sold over 7.8 million units of the PS5 and as a result, the company is enjoying the largest console launch in its history – but if stock shortages continue, headstart that may begin to fade.

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