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Payday 2 anniversary statue locations: Where to find all anniversary statues

The locations of the Payday 2 anniversary statue changed from heist to heist, and then again every day, but it was worth finding them all. flamethrower. Instead of deadly fire, this second fires cash wads.

Each heist has many possible statue locations, but you only need each stage.

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Payday 2 anniversary statue location | Jewelry Store Anniversary Statues

The first statue is in the back of a dumpster, near an iron roll down door down the alley right in front of your egg location on stage.

The second location is inside the Precious Things display window. Statue three is in the office, on the shelves to the left of all the binders.

The last statue is in the parking lot opposite Precious Things. If you’re facing the store, turn right, and you’ll see a wall covered in graffiti. The statue is next to the boxes there.

Payday 2 anniversary statue location | Firestarter anniversary statues

Firestarter statues vary depending on the day.

Locations of a day statue

The first statue on the first day is near the starting point of the mission. Keep moving straight, and you'll find the statue near an old aircon unit next to a small staircase.

Turn left and head into the alley. Keep moving forward until you see a trolley outside the warehouse. Your statue is on the trolley, but you may need to zoom in to see it.

Day two statue location

Day two statue is inside the office complex. Enter, and head upstairs. To your left is a conference room, and you will see a sideboard to the left of the door. The statue is there.

The statue of the two is quite far away. Go to the security suite, and you will see the statue on one of the tables.

Day three statue locations

The first statue on the third day is on the rooftop next to the rotating ampersand (&) sign. The two statues are downstairs in the office rooms, sitting at one of the corner tables.

Payday 2 anniversary statue locations | Four Stores anniversary statues

Your first statue in the Four Stores area is in the Time Out kitchen. Come your way to the back of the store, and the statue is on the shelf of cleaning supplies.

Another statue is in the bar. Go to the storage room, and look behind the door.

The three statues are in the kitchen of the Pear Store, just to the left of the store entrance, and the last one is in the alley near your egg.

Payday 2 anniversary statue location | Nightclub anniversary statues

You will find one of the Nightclub statues on the balcony. Move to the side of the bar, and look at the floor behind the light bulb.

Statue two is in the bathroom near the wet sign. Head up the stairs for the third, to the landing with the books on your right and an observation area in front. Your statue is behind you, though, in a small bureau in front of some chairs in the lounge.

The last statue is next to a lamp in the room where the ceilings are like stars.

Payday 2 anniversary statue locations | Watchdogs anniversary statues

Spectators day a statue

The first statue on the first day was in a ventilation equipment. Head to the police cars, then turn right and go up the stairs. Follow the path to find a section of pipe in front of some graffitied metalwork, and your statue is behind the curve of the pipe.

The second is near the spawn point. Get out of the truck, turn left, and you'll see the statue behind the wooden pallet there.

Watchdogs day two statues

The first statue on day two was on a bed truck directly opposite the Dock 9 sign. The number two is pretty hard to find. Go to the warehouse, and climb into the piping in front of the window. Your statue is in the right corner of the windowframe.

Payday 2 anniversary statue location | Rats anniversary statues

Rats day statues

The first Rats statue is on the wheel of a burned -out car, right near where you start, and the second is in the house with the blue flower wallpaper, next to two metal canisters.

Rats day two statues

Jump on the small tube under the wooden passage between the buildings. Follow it to a corner to find the first statue. The second is inside, next to a fire extinguisher outside the room with a widescreen TV.

Rats day three statues

The statues of Day three are grouped together, near the side of the bridge overlooking a boat frame. The first is in the corner of the railing above that frame. The second is under the railing a little further to your left.

Payday 2 anniversary statue location | Bank Heist anniversary statues

One of the Bank Heist statues is near the block stack next to the ambulance, and another is in front of the trash can outside the Harvest Trustee.

The statue of the three is on the roof. To the right of the guard are some vertical small pipes, and the statue is on the bend.

Go to the first floor of the building to find the last statue on a bookshelf in front of the door.

Payday 2 anniversary Statue locations | Mallcrasher anniversary statues

The first statue was behind the restaurant counter when you first entered the mall. Climb the escalator to find a statue of two in an alcove to your left, and the third is in a DC clothing store. Check in the back corner of the shelf opposite the entrance.

Exit DC and go to the gym. The last statue is near the wall behind one of the exercise bikes.

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