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Overwatch 2 on the Switch may include technical ' compromises &#39 ;, Blizzard says

Several Overwatch 2 developers from Blizzard participated in another big Reddit AMA this week, and this time they addressed how Nintendo The game version is different from other platforms.

During an Overwatch 2 AMA on Reddit, members of Blizzard ' s development team on Overwatch 2 noted that the game was likely to make some ' compromises ' when it comes to running the Nintendo Switch.

"As the hardware has progressed since the launch of Overwatch, we are expanding the OW2 engine with more high-end features," John Lafleur said when a Switch user asked him on Reddit if how the game will handle going forward (thanks, TheGamer). "However, we also work hard to ensure that all of our platforms get the best experience, even in PvE."

Lafleur also said he couldn't promise that the Switch version of the game would come simultaneously on other platforms.

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"The switch is a bit harder than some, and we'll have compromises there. For that reason, some of the higher visual enhancements may not be visible , there. We will focus on making sure that all gameplay-related features are accessible, first, and then emphasize additional features as much as possible. "

Lafleur also provided some update to cross-progression in the game, stating that it will only be added to the title once cross-play is fully functional on other platforms.

Overwatch 2 doesn't have a release date yet, or even a target show window. But if you’re hungry to learn about the game, you’ll be pleased to know that Blizzard recently showcased some hours of PvP gameplay, revealing many changes that include lowering the number of players to 5v5 and limiting tanks to one per team.

The developer also suggested that Overwatch 2 get a beta, and maybe even a ping system.

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