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LinkedIn page Gears of War studio indicates that Coalition is working on a new IP

The Coalition the Xbox Games Studio known for developing modern Gears of War titles, seems to be working on a new IP, a LinkedIn page the suggested.

The LinkedIn profile of one of the studio -level designers seems to reveal that the company has been working on an undisclosed "new IP" for the last six months. The page was later edited and the listing removed.

The LinkedIn page was initially spotted by Klobrille, who had a great track record in picking up game development stories and posted them on Twitter.

We already know that The Coalition is working on ' many new projects &#39 ;, but seeing that one of them is on a new IP is an interesting development. Since the company changed from Black Tusk Studios to its new name in 2015, The Coalition has only worked on Gears-related titles, so it will be interesting to see where the company’s leader is next.

In a blog post published in May, the Microsoft developer announced that it was "changing resources to [its] next gen development using Unreal Engine 5" and not only does it directly produce sequel to Gears 5, but "development on UE5 for many new projects in the coming years."

We haven't quite seen what Unreal Engine 5 has to offer, but if the tech demo that hinted last year has anything to go by, we'll get some great games from the studio when it's ready show us what to cook.

Neither Microsoft nor The Coalition had formally announced any new projects at the time of writing.

LinkedIn page post indicates that Gears of War studio Coalition is working on a new IP that first appeared on VG24 7.

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