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Last Stop impressions review – Why isn't my life thrilling living in London?

I recently got a chance to review an indie game called Last Stop by developer Variable State. It’s a formidable supernatural adventure story set in present -day London.

As the only person of the VG247 team living in London, I am the most qualified to give it the Londoner stamp of approval. Check out the video below for my first impressions.

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You play as three different characters (John, Meena, and Donna) whose stories are all woven together one way or another pa. You can play any of the three characters in any order but you must play them all to proceed to the next section.

It's fun to see the story unfold the way it did and obviously, I can't say much on This game is basically just a story and nothing else, but all I can say is that it's clever, insulting and weird enough to be interesting but not absurd.

As a kind of old-school adventure game, gameplay here is limited to moving from point A to point B, conversations with dialogue options, and interactions relationship that develops the story. But it works.

I will say that warms my heart that they did not choose voice actors who are all like Jason Statham and Idris Elba. Not everyone in London sounds like that so it ' s nice if they get different voices.

I summarize it all and in more detail in the video but long story, I enjoy playing Last Stop.

Should you play it as well?

If you want full of drama, heavy story games then yes. It's easy to play so many moments that you gasp or say "ohhhh shit!" and honestly I have nothing more to say because it will ruin the game for you. Play it and see how the different worlds collide and how the supernatural elements play into it all.

Last Stop released July 22 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. For more games coming this year, head to our video game release dates page.

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