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Horse breeding in Minecraft | How to tame and breed horses

Horses is one of the most useful companions in Minecraft . They are passive and won’t attack you even in the wild, but a gentle horse can be a big help in your exploration of the world. Due to the right conditions, you can also breed horses .

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  • Horses in Minecraft: what do they do?
  • Donkeys and Mules
  • How to breed horses in Minecraft [19659004] How to breed horses in Minecraft
  • Horse genetics

Minecraft horses: what do they do?

It's all great and great learning how to breed horses, but why would you want to do that?

The horse can be mounted and ridden, with the player being able to control the horse's movement. The world of Minecraft is big and horses can travel faster than your running speed, so they don ' t provide a great vehicle for exploration.

You can also farm horses for resources. Horseshoes drop leather scraps and earn points when killed (but you get nothing for killing foals, you monster).

They are also super cute and – with up to 35 different variations of coat marks – getting a sample of each horse added to your stable is a challenge in itself. its.

Donkeys and From

Horses aren't just equines in Minecraft: you also get donkeys and from .

Horses, donkeys, and mules are almost identical. They can all be lonely and used as transportation in exactly the same way; both their maximum statistics; and if you decide to kill one both resources will fall. However, there are only a few major differences:

  • Only horses can be fitted with cavalry armor . This protects the horse from taking a certain amount of damage if attacked.
  • Donkeys and from animals may be equipped with chest . This adds an extra 15 inventory slots that you can use on the move.
  • Donkeys and from each have a character model, without the different coat marks and colors seen on horses.
  • Wild horses yield random statistics, while wild donkeys yield low-end statistics. Mules do not arise in the wild and should be thick animals.
  • Mules are sterile and cannot produce offspring. To breed more mules, you need to breed a horse with a donkey.

How to tame horses in Minecraft

Before you can breed horses, you need to tame them.

To identify a wild horse, you simply need to mount it (contact the horse using Use with an empty hand). You will inevitably be bucked on your first trials, but eventually the horse will be gentle.

That's all you really need to know, but if you're interested in the numbers behind it, here's how taming works under the hood.

Horses have a Temperature meter on a scale of 0-100. Wild horses always start at 0 Temper, and the first time you place them the game assigns them a "Temper threshold" with a value anywhere between 0-99. Every time you mount the horse they get +5 Temperature. When you overcome the threshold, the horse is tamed. Therefore, the maximum number of attempts required to breed a horse is 20.

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Any two horses can breed with each other in Minecraft: there is no defined gender in the game, so there are no limits to which horses can be raised with each other. You can also breed donkeys under the same conditions, or even breed a horse and a donkey to make a mule.

In order for two equines to breed, they must be in love mode . [19659010] In order to get your animals into this mindset, you need to feed each one a golden apple or a golden carrot . They cannot be grown and are mainly obtained by crafting (though you can also find them when stealing breasts). To make either item, you need eight gold ingots and a piece of original food.

If two equines in the same place are in love mode, they cooperate with each other and produce a baby.

Horse genetics

Foxes and other babies in Minecraft inherit a number of traits from their parent – so it ' s possible to extend them in a way that drives certain traits. However, there is still an element of involvement involved.

HP speed and jump height were averaged from statistics of both parent and a randomly generated third set of statistics.

Coat marks have a 40% chance of being inherited from either parent, or a 20% chance of being another random color.

In effect, every horse you breed has an invisible third parent, whose statistics shake the certainty of breeding the traits you want. However, there is still a very high chance that the foal will have the characteristics of breeding parents. This is especially true in breeding two horses with similar statistics.

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