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Discord changed its logo, font and colors – and many wanted to look back

Discord has a new logo, and distributes a new font.

As Discord began to expand beyond just gaming, the makers of the popular chat app decided to tweak its identity as well. It is presented in two main ways: a slight change to the logo, and a new font.

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Discord shared the updated look on Twitter on Thursday, to mixed reception from followers. The logo saw the slightest change, with only the top part of the icon solidified and merged into the main face, which is now a square shape. Clyde – that’s the name of the logo – no longer lives in a rounded rectangle.

Discord explained that the new icon design arrived after several iterations. The new Clyde can also emote, and its face will change every time you launch the app.

The background is also a bolder violet color. However, the biggest and most divisive change is the font. The new font is custom built, based on Gold, according to Discord.

One of the first responses to this Tweet scoffed at the design, suggesting that it was the work of novice artists – who have actually been criticized on a number of things recently, including the logo for the upcoming show on Loki of Disney.

Discord Reddit page is full of memes and posts mocking all aspects of design. This is the only thing the community has been talking about since then, in fact.

The funniest one I've seen comparing the former logo to Steve Rogers ' Captain America, and the new one to John Walker ' s. [19659005]

Even the old color has fans.

Of course, any change in the identity of something popular with Discord, particularly if you consider the aspect of the community around it, must be met with at least some resistance. I’m personally fine with the logo and color, but this font…

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