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Destiny 2 showcases the convoluted, grindy transmog system

Destiny 2 gets a transmog system, right, but it's not on anyone's mind.

On the weekly Bungie blog, the developer officially details the upcoming transmogrification system for Destiny 2 . Officially called Armor Synthesis the new feature will come along with the next season of the game.

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Transmog, or the ability to switch to aemor seems to be a substitute regardless of the statistics, is something that Destiny players have been asking for since the original game was released. Unfortunately, Bungie’s proposed system was particularly poorly received, even by Destiny standards.

As we close to breaking down, Destiny 2's Armor Synthesis transmog system is limited, not easy to understand, requires a lot of work, and involves the Eververse in-game premium store in a significant way.

To make Universal Armor Ornaments that can be used on any other piece, players need to defeat enemies to get the Synthstrand spent on bounties to produce of Synthcord which was then made Synthweave in Loom in the Tower. Synthweave is also what you use to convert any unlocked armor look from your Collections into a Universal Armor Ornament.

When it launches, you'll find five categories of Armor Synthesis bounties, which are rewarded to Synthcord. These are Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, Destination, Raids, and Dungeons bounties. Since Synthstrand is a limited resource, you should be careful when choosing which bounties to spend on it. Bungie says it will reimburse some of that cost if you decide to forgo a grace, but not all of it.

Even though it looks more messy than worth it, Bungie somehow finds more ways to make it worse.

Players can only earn up to ten Synthweave per class, per season. This limit was increased to 20 in the next season of Destiny 2, as a way of celebrating the feature launch. Assuming you earn all 20, you will be able to convert four full sets of armor, or 20 individual pieces.

Universal Ornaments can only be applied to Legendary armor. Exotic armor, not surprisingly, can ' t have the look of a different piece of armor. Another exception applies to certain Year 1 Armor Ornaments. Due to "technical constraints", you will not be able to ship Year 1 Armor Ornaments for Vanguard, Crucible, Iron Banner, Faction Rallies, Prestige Raids, o Trials of Nine armor – but Bungie is working on a solution. [19659005] The Eververse store has a part to play here as well, if you're not too fond of grinding. You can purchase Synthweave Templates available a la carte or as part of a five piece bundle. A single Synthweave Template will cost you 300 Silver, and the bundle will run you 1,000 ($ 10). However, unlike traditional Synthweave, those templates can be applied to any class.

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