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Comedian Jamie Kennedy looks back on his disastrous performance of Activision E3 2007

No one wants to forget that Activision once brought in comedian Jamie Kennedy to host the E3 conference.

Every year, around E3 time, game media and YouTube channels dig into the history of E3 to remind everyone of the show's ugliest, and weirdest moments.

If you follow religious video games, you're no doubt familiar with Konami's iconic E3 2010, Mr. Caffeine's (Aaron Priceman) Ubisoft E3 2011 conference, and, of course, Activision ' s E3 2007 conference prepared by Jamie Kennedy.

The comedian is very drunk, tries and does not make the attendees laugh at his jokes, and is generally unaware of his games and guests. It’s a train breakdown of difficult moments that you see unfolding in real time.

In the 14 years since then, Kennedy has never told the public about this moment, until now. On his YouTube channel, Kennedy decided to watch a supercut of the E3 show and offer some insight into some of its most famous moments.

In the 16-minute video, embedded below, Kennedy explains that he was not, in fact, inebriated, he was just tired, to take the stage after two long days of filming for the project. Activision. While it’s true that he doesn’t know much about video games, the comedian explained that he also doesn’t appreciate how much E3 deals with fans.

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Kennedy has a history with Activision, having collaborated with the publisher on numerous occasions, notably creating commercials for publisher – this is how he got the job.

The whole video is worth watching, if only to learn about the events that led to this great mess. It was also interesting to hear Kennedy’s take on watching his jokes fail, and the general reactions of the audience.

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