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Ring in the Polished Paragon Update and Celebrate in Trove’s Snowfest Event

Craft your own One Ring with Polished Paragon! Receive new Paragon levels after reaching class level 30 and gain access to powerful new rings. Earn Primal Loops to create Crystal Level Rings that have special abilities for each class!

Your efforts will also deliver Primal Paragon Pinatas directly in to your inventory. Throw a pinata party with your friends and receive special rewards like Nitro-Glitterine Ore, Paragon’s Marks, Trovian Loops, or even a special pair of wings! Turn those new Paragon’s Marks in to all-new collectibes at the Paragon Workbench and watch your stable of mounts and allies grow.


Are you in a festive mood? Snowfest will deliver on the holiday festivities you enjoy. Trove will be holding Snowfest once again from December 14 until December 28. New costumes, a new mount, and even a mag rider are available to show off your seasonal spirit!

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