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The Top 10 Games On 3DS

This Saturday, March 27 marks 10 years since the Nintendo 3DS arrived on U.S. shores. The handheld fulfilled its promise of offering glasses-free 3D gameplay and while the feature itself may not have caught on, the platform wound up accumulating a great library of games anyway and had one heck of a lifespan to boot. 

To mark the occasion, we decided to give our original list of the 3DS’ 10 best games a serious facelift. Doing so allows us to include quality games that were released after this article was originally published in July 2017 as well as reflect the tastes of our newer staff members. 

Just like in our Top 10 list of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, we will not be ranking the titles on this list. We consider everything listed here to be a must-play experience and so we’ve instead arranged them in reverse chronological orderRead more