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The transmog of Destiny 2 is really bad

Players in Bungie ' s first person lootshooter Destiny 2 were increasingly unhappy with how well the transmog system handled.

Even if this is stated, players may recognize that Destiny 2's proposed transmog system is a chaotic, grinding mess. In other words, Armor Synthesis (as it’s formally known) is limited, easy to use, requires a lot of grinding, and involves the Eververse in-game premium store in a significant way.

Not perfect then. What’s worse is that dedicated Guardians understand that Synthstrand – the base level of the three transmog currencies – seems bound to time.

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there's nothing you can do in-game to speed up the rate at which you earn Synthstrand was first seen by Alonie's r / RaidSecrets poster -homie and verified by Eurogamer and other reddit users.

Further research from the community suggests that reaching the transmog cap will take you nearly seven days of … Read more