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Biomutant Ultimate Weapons Guide: Where to find the best weapons

The Ultimate Weapon is the best gear you can find in Biomutant and each has its own unique characteristics, so here's where it's all located.

There are over a dozen Ultimate Weapons to be collected in Biomutant, although many are gained by completing stories and side missions, including Mission Jobs. There are also many Ultimate Weapons to be found hidden around the world, so don ' t crack.

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Biomutant: Where to Find the Ultimate Weapon

There are all types of weapons to find, with both melee and range of weapons available for each player. As I said earlier, some are located in the world and others are connected to adventures, so here’s how you can unlock each Ultimate Weapon.

  • Blaze Gloves

The Blaze Gloves can be found by Charred For Coal adventure from Boom. Head to Plank Place and burn the haystack before collecting three pieces of charcoal and bringing them to Boom. Then buy Boom Poo from the Tower and return it to Boom, which will give you Blaze Gloves.

  • Sparkatron Hypicskromp

Sparkatron Hypickskromp was located in Suburbia after defeating Schacky Trunkgnut. Get the vault key and use it in the Suburbia Vault to find a weapon. Contact the terminal on the left to get inside the vault.

  • Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin

Visit Lump on the Float Boat and bring him a spark plug for his oven. Next, take him Wiffle Dust from Hobydunk and the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin is yours.

  • Pri Murgel Sword

There's a boss fight here, so get ready. Head to Lumentower near Froskmosk and climb to the top to activate Lumen. Follow the light to the secret Riddleroom and defeat the boss inside to get a shiny new weapon.

  • Hydrozapper Ozarhypro

There's another boss here, so maybe equip one of the other Ultimate Weapons you've collected first. First, travel to Sludgegush Fields and fight the Mushroom boss of Bulgtusk. Then grab the vault key and use it in the Unwell Place Vault to retrieve the Hydrozapper Ozarhypro.

  • Scatterskrek Lukspewbor

Talk to Klick Anywhere to pick up a new adventure and get to the Zapstation and charge the Klonkfist. You need to find an old bone in the grave and return it to Klick so he can make a skeletal key. You can use the skeleton key in Banshelter 5D to unlock the Scatterskrek Lukspewbor and keep it to yourself.

  • Carrothandle Infected Carrot

Head to Glurp Paddock and talk to Ghubsa the Tortler. Discover the Red Contaminated House in the Walking Village. You will need to provide some protective equipment and run downstairs to find a carrot in the backroom. Return it to Ghubsa to claim your reward.

  • Knok Umph

Knok Umph is found by defeating Sparky Twigsnout at Sparkplant, which will leave a vault key. Once you've done that, head to the Sparkplant vault and pick up the weapon to keep forever.

  • Contagion Flupskruckis

You'll need to make your way to the Fume Factory after defeating the Farty Bulbaplod. Try not to laugh too much at that name. Get the vault key when Farty is taken care of and use it in the nearby vault to get the Contagion Flupskruckis.

  • Yrkum Pikeaxe

Travel to Sludge Deodorizum and defeat the Greasy Polliconey inside. Again find and retrieve the vault key that falls and use it to access the Doridorzium Vault to get your reward.

  • Srik Gongmace

To capture Srik Gongmace, travel to Chudgepot and defeat the Chug Swollwaft inside. Collect the vault key that falls and use it to get to the Chug Depot Vault to retrieve Srik Gongmace.

  • Old-World Klonkfist

Head to the Myriad Tribe region between Surfi Pelago and Deadzone. Come your way to the control room and break the emergency box once you find it to capture the Old-World Klonkfist.

  • Bulletspinno Pjupejector

When you get to Poksura, talk to Pulp and accept his adventure You will reach a cave, where you must open a Pew-Pew lock. Do it and the Bulletspinno Pjupejector is yours.

We're updating this list as we see more Ultimate Weapons so if we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments below.

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