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Assassin ' s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris | Event of the Assassination of Bishop Gozlin

As you participate in the titular Siege of Paris in Assassin ' s Creed Valhalla Bishop Gozlin – warrior priest of Bellatores – is next on your list.

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Assassin ' s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris | How to Unlock Bishop Gozlin's Assassination Event

After the cutscene, follow the adventure marker through the broken walls to begin.

On the wall immediately in front of you there is a note telling a Norse ally who may know where Gozlin will be held in the church belfry.

Infiltrate or fight towards the building where they are being held – climb the stairs at the east end of the church.

Remove them for a key on the second floor of the second church building.

Alternatively – if you'd like to play against the boss instead of a murder event – turn your attention to the first floor of that second building. You go around the south side and use your Odin's sight to identify the guard with the key, it will give you access to the lower floor, which you can use as another way to get to Gozlin's hiding place.

The captain with the key is hiding, and you have to kill the two nearby common enemies of the bearer to make him appear.

Either way, inside the locked church where Gozlin is planning his next move, you have two choices: go under the floor and play against the boss, or enter on the second floor and unlock the murder scenario On the second floor, go through the door and read the note in front of you.

It unlocks the murder event and tells you about the undisturbed cross above Gozlin's head. Shoot the pots at the weak wall behind it and you will end the scene without a fight.

The next part of the adventure plays out the same, whichever path of the two paths you choose.

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