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Apex Legends is getting a new character, Seer, soon

EA and Respawn Entertainmen didn't push a surprise new trailer featuring the upcoming playful legend, Seer, before his in-game arrival on August. [19659003] Today, EA publisher and developer Respawn has released a new Lore trailer featuring the next Legend to enter Apex Games, Seer. The character possesses a moth motif and seems to have a mysterious connection to the world of Apex.

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"An unfortunate event cast a shadow on Obi's birth: can his light survive and come out of the darkness?" Reads the blurb. How foreboding.

You can check out the new trailer, titled Stories from the Outlands – Metamorphosis, below to learn more about his bizarre legend. This is one of the shortest episodes of this series we’ve seen so far, which is interesting.

As per the release, the latest addition to the growing Apex Legends list was created in collaboration with award -winning illustrator, animator, and director Robert Valley (who you may know from the likes of Tron: Uprising, Love, Death & Robots, and Pear Cider and Cigarettes).

Seer will likely join the ragtag Apex Legends roster when the game begins its tenth Season (called Apex Legends: Emergence) on August 3. The new season is also set to introduce a new LMG called Rampage, more changes to the World Edge map, a ranking mode for Arenas, and more. Fixed to be a massive update, then.

EA promises that we'll find out more about the character – and Apex Legends: Emergence – during EA Play Live on Thursday, July 22 at 10am / 7.00pm CET

Just Don't expect anything from Skate 4 on the show.

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