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Age of Empires 4 this fall, the first in-engine gameplay showcases the Delhi Sultanate, more

A look at the Age of Empires 4 gameplay is now presented by Relic during a presentation.

Age of Empires 4 will come later this year in the fall with PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC and via Steam. A closed beta is also coming soon.

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A virtual village is also available to view via the Age of Empires website.

During the presentation, one of the four available historical campaigns was presented, and this was the Norman Campaign. [19659005] After this, the new unit of the Sultanate of Delhi was shown to rise against the English. Many elephant units are on display, and quite a favorite of yours.

It shows the battle that began during the High Medieval Ages. In it, the video was shown gathering English resources to begin building their Town Center, with scouts hunting deer and villagers collecting meat from sheep. Soon a lone scout encountered an enemy fort so the war began. Then, you see spearmen, archers, and battle-oriented construction evolving as civilizations begin to age.

New innovations in presenting campaigns in a modern documentary style can be expected. And, if you’re a multiplayer gamer in competitive play, there’s a bunch of asymmetrical civilizations that the franchise hasn’t seen before.

Another gameplay trailer showed a new take on the Empire of China. A battle with the Mongols against the Chinese during the Feudal Period showed the difference between the castles and knights shown in another trailer. Chinese identity is immediately apparent, with “unique architecture and styling,” precise language, and military units using historical weapons.

Compared to the Chinese, the Mongol civ was more tent-based, allowing them to pack up the village and move to different sections of the map. This will lead to many new tactics and strategies.

The Imperial Age for the Chinese and Mongols is also shown, showcasing large preserves, and multi -unit structures such as barracks and stables. Massive units were taken to the battlefield, and we saw trebuchets, soldiers on horseback, fireworks signals, and more.

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In conjunction with the above view, Relic also showcased a new stealth forest mechanic, featuring unique forest patches. Here, units can hide inside trees to set up ambushes. The visibility in and out of these forests is extremely limited, meaning the troops can move into each other and not be seen by any of the force. Latent units are shown in a blue outline and whispered responses.

And finally, a naval teaser was shown at the end of the presentation.

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