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Diablo Immortal Review – The Price Of Playing With The Devil

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Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment, Netease

June 2, 2022
Android), 2022 (PC)

My fingers would ache for hours after playing Diablo Immortal; my hands haven’t spent this much time curled around my phone this way in years. Despite the pain my aging hands suffered during my first few days with Immortal, it was worth it for the fun I had. The series’ core action/RPG smash and loot gameplay makes the transition wonderfully to mobile thanks to responsive controls designed for portable play and adherence to the sights and sounds of the franchise. With this mobile facelift comes a free-to-play model most can avoid spending money on, but some specific parts of its monetization model blemish this game. This is disappointing, as the game offers an otherwise strong experience.

Immortal feels like a modern Diablo game thematically and aesthetically, and it … Read more