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Comparing Dying Light 2's Length To Other Notoriously Long Games

Over the weekend, developer Techland made waves on social media by tweeting that its upcoming open-world zombie sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, would take “at least 500 hours” to fully complete. While the studio likely thought this was good messaging to showcase just how much content is in its branching-narrative story, the announcement was met with some backlash amidst the excitement, as some players bemoaned the length and worried about bloat or that they would never see the end of such a massive adventure.

Later, as the studio saw some of the negative response, the Dying Light Twitter account clarified to one fan that you can complete the story and side-quests in 70 to 80 hours, “if you’re not in a rush.” Then, the official Twitter account took the messaging wide, saying that “500 hours is related to maxing out the game – finishing all the quests, endings, and … Read more