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Sony Names PlayStation VR2, Announces Horizon Call Of The Mountain At CES 2022

At its CES 2022 conference this evening, Sony discussed its upcoming VR headset and announced a new Horizon game for the device.

PlayStation President Jim Ryan took the stage to provide details on the company’s next-generation virtual-reality device. Following its tried and true naming scheme for gaming devices, the PSVR successor is officially called PlayStation VR2. Its controllers are no longer Move wands, but rather PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers. Ryan spoke about the headset proving a greater sense of presence and increasing the visual fidelity from the previous model. 

Technical specifications of PSVR2 have been posted on the PlayStation Blog which reveals all kinds of cool tidbit about the headset and controllers. PSVR2 will feature OLED 2000×2040 resolution screens per eye which run at 90hz or 120hz. The headset will also be outfitted with cameras on the outside to track your controllers (and hopefully room placement), and IR sensors inside … Read more