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Exclusive: Halo Infinite Now Vs. 2020 Campaign Comparison (4K)

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It’s a demo Halo fans will never forget. In 2020, developer 343 Industries brought its latest take on the Halo franchise to the masses during one of Microsoft’s digital events. Halo Infinite’s gameplay debut was met with some positivity but spawned an online firestorm and popularized conversation around Craig The Brute, among other discussions. It’s been over a year since fans were shown that demo, and a lot has changed ahead of Halo Infinite’s campaign release on December 8. Before that long-awaited day, join us for a unique updated look at the campaign in all its new shining glory.

Today’s video isn’t a complete one-to-one recreation of the 2020 footage, but rather a potent illustration of how the team has improved upon that earlier foundation, including both side-by-side cinematics, and gameplay from both versions. Both demos are set in the same portion of the game, … Read more