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Moncage Review – Think Outside The Box

Publisher: XD Inc.
Developer: Optillusion

November 16, 2021

Rating: 4+
Reviewed on: PC
Also on:
iOS, Android

In a dim, empty room, on a small table, lies a cube. Moncage dumps players right into the action with a few quick notes on how to manipulate this multi-faceted object. It tasks you with connecting similar objects found on the box’s different planes by spinning the cube and looking at things from unique perspectives. At first, the challenge seems simple. However, as the game progresses, puzzles grow more sophisticated, and the seemingly unconnected scenes reflected on the cube’s sides begin to weave into a narrative. I only wish that narrative had more substance.

Each side of Moncage’s six-sided cube displays a distinct vignette – like a window into various environments. Objects in one scene align with objects from another if the player rotates the cube to the right perspective. My first … Read more