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The New Mass Effect Teased For N7 Day With An Image Loaded With Hints

November 7 continues to be the gaming holiday where BioWare fans celebrate their favorite space-faring RPG franchise, Mass Effect. This year, BioWare released a blog post full of looking back at the series impact and this year’s release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The blog also details new products fans can buy, sales on the games, and even new Mass Effect-themed Steam emotes. A giant infographic runs down the numbers on big choices Mass Effect Legendary Edition players went with, revealing 15% of people did not recruit Garrus, an option 85% of us can’t calibrate our brains or our hearts to leave that precious boy behind. However, there’s nary a mention about the future until the end of the post, which says, “We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe.” We knew that, though, after a teaser trailer premiered at The … Read more