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Top 10 Shooters To Play Right Now

What makes a good shooter? Immediate answers might include punchy phrases/words like “gun feel” or “kit customization.” Even so, it’s hard to define the gratification that comes with securing that coveted victory in ranked multiplayer or surviving a seemingly never-ending onslaught in single-player horde mode. A good shooter tends to contain a smorgasbord of enticing components – gripping atmosphere, weapon/ability balancing, enjoyable arenas, etc. Regardless of style (e.g., FPS, third-person, top-down), the aforementioned features tend to mesh well with polished gameplay, sweeping narratives, and new or improved mechanics. If you feel at home sprinting through multilayered environments, mowing down adversaries with precision and cunning, then the ten games on this list are definitely worth your time and attention. 


PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Splitgate flew under the radar for a long time until it gained traction following a record-shattering 10 million open beta downloads.

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