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Six Scary Good Board Games For Halloween

Each year brings hundreds of new board and card games to the market, and even the recent dampener on social get-togethers hasn’t halted the flow. Without fail, in each year, some of the most popular themes include horror, monsters, magic, and mystery – perfect fits for a Halloween get-together.

Whether you’re looking to head to the game store and snag something for a game night this weekend, or you’re planning farther out, and you’re just a fan of games about things that go bump in the night, each of these recent releases provides a lovely evening of fun, with just the right mix of amusement and spooky vibes.

Horrified: American Monsters
Publisher: Ravensburger

A standalone follow-up to the original Horrified release from 2019, the new American Monsters variant offers enough new content to justify a purchase if you already loved the first one. However, this version is also a perfectly … Read more