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How Horror Can Enhance Non-Horror Games For The Better

Horror games are some of gaming’s best experiences, but only for those that can tolerate and sit through them from start to finish. But those who don’t play in the horror space can still get their fill in otherwise non-horror games because horror, no matter which genre it’s in, can enhance a game for the better. 

Horror is extremely affecting. The jump scares that cause adrenaline spikes, the sweaty feeling of barely avoiding death, the persistent dread that slowly rises to a climactic rush – these emotions affect everyone in different ways. 

At the heart of those emotions are the same feelings found in haunted houses, roller coasters, skydiving, and more: the feeling of getting as close as possible to death without actually dying. The horror that gets us close to death is effective in books, television, movies, and even games as a result. Game developers are aware of this, Read more