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Jagged Alliance 3 Brings Tactical RPG Mercenary Action To PC

Jagged Alliance hasn’t had a numbered entry in over 20 years, but that changes soon with the upcoming release of Jagged Alliance 3. THQ Nordic announced this new addition to the franchise today during the company’s 10th-anniversary stream. Helming this project is the team known for making games like Tropico 5, Victor Vran, and Surviving Mars, Haemimont Games based in Bulgaria.

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Players will control a group of mercenaries brought to the land of Grand Shien to find a missing person. Though, merc missions are never easy. Your characters will have to navigate the region, meet the locals, and learn about Grand Shien and how you’ll end up impacting it throughout the game as you adventure. Conflicts play out in turn-based tactical battles where each mercenary in your squad brings their particular sets of skills to the fight. Whether you want to play stealthy, stabby, … Read more