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Golf Club: Wasteland is a Post-Apocalyptic Golfing Game with Cozy Chill Vibes


  • Most human life is wiped out and Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich.
  • Putt around the remains of civilization while Radio Nostalgia From Mars broadcast keeps you company will chill tunes and interesting stories from those who survived. 
  • Golf Club: Wasteland is a cozy apocalypse golf story with a deep story and a dash of humor, available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

“Most human life is wiped out. Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich.”

That has been the elevator pitch for our game pretty much since we started development of Golf Club: Wasteland. The idea being that the ultra-rich fled to a private colony on Mars as Earth fell, and now they venture back to the ruins of our world for a round a “urban wasteland adventure golf.”

Well it’s golf game, but also not. There is a rather … Read more