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This Destiny 2 Cosplayer Shares Her Titan Cosplay That Would Have Shaxx Cheering 'YESSSSSSSSS'

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my heart for the Destiny franchise and that of cosplay, so when those two worlds collided with an impressive Titan cosplay, I didn’t need much convincing to share this find with the world. One Destiny 2 cosplayer shared her epic Titan cosplay in a women’s group I’m in dedicated to the Bungie game, and the moment I saw it I knew Shaxx would be proud. 

The cosplayer in question is Lauren Moolman, but she goes by Loz_Coz. A self-proclaimed wine lover (my kind of girl!), she debuted her most recent cosplay take with one of my favorite weapons: Outbreak Perfected. From the iconic shield that Titans love to the heftiness of the armor itself, her Destiny cosplay is too incredible not to share: 





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