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The Coolest Upcoming Zelda-Likes To Keep An Eye On

If you’ve been indulging in our week-long celebration of all things Legend of Zelda, then there’s a good chance that the series is a cherished part of your life as it has been with so many others. Some of those fans have gone on to become creators themselves, crafting their own worlds and stories that pay homage to Link’s adventures while adding unique twists. 

That’s why, to close out Zelda Week, we want to put a spotlight on upcoming games worth keeping an eye on that take a few pages out of the Zelda playbook.  Some of these games copy the series’ formula to the letter. Others spin it out into wildly different directions. Need something to hold you over until the sequel to Breath of the Wild or the next 2D game? We think these titles will scratch that itch and then some.

Death’s Door

Release Date: July 20

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