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Best Bars In Gaming And Why It's More Than Just What's On The Menu

Most of us have our favorite bars. The place that our mind travels to for a quick pit stop, a lengthy hangout with friends, or simply a good excuse to people watch. A good bar, a “feels like home” bar, is not about the drinks, ironically enough. Sure, a good cocktail lends itself into the equation of what makes a “good bar,” but the real meat of the matter is the feeling a place evokes. The ambiance that can be witnessed, the familiarity that sinks into your skin, the energy of the passersby. That “go-to” bar is more about the experience than the drink in hand. With games becoming more and more immersive every year, it got me thinking: how do bars in video games compare? And the ones that I found myself drawn to, what made them so special? So memorable? 

The best bars in gaming are always going … Read more