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Shrek Invades Hunt: Showdown With His House Found In New Beast Hunter DLC

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Shrek has found a way to invade the world of Hunt: Showdown. While the green man himself is suspiciously missing, his home in the swamps can be seen with new DLC that has dropped for the first-person shooter. For once, the Shrek universe isn’t colliding with a game due to mods, but if this inclusion feels random – it really shouldn’t. Hunt: Showdown has all sorts of mythical entities, and Shrek’s home has witnessed more than a few fairy tales. 

Hunt: Showdown is set in the late 180ss and tasks players with taking out various monsters they will encounter in their journey. With a setting rooted in the Louisana Bayou, the inclusion of Shrek’s swamp and his house isn’t as weird as it sounds, but does this mean Shrek will eventually become a bounty? Doubtful, but the mind reels just thinking of the possibilities. 

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