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Early Half-Life Prototype Videos Revealed By Dev

Sometimes, developers share some really cool things about favorite games from the past. That’s exactly what level designer Brett Johnson is doing by sharing some early Half-Life prototypes over on TikTok, and we love him for it. Johnson also has more experience than just Half-Life under his belt too. He’s a designer that has over 20 years of experience, including working for companies like Valve, Sony, EA, Take-Two, Microsoft, and more, making his developer deep dives even more interesting to watch.

I’m not the most versed in TikTok, sorry, but @TheTaxGoblin (thanks, PC Gamer!) on Twitter spotted the developer drops over on the Vine Lite platform, and if you’re interested in seeing early concepts of a game that flipped the industry on its head, it’s an awesome account to follow. Johnson shared a variety of looks at the Valve staple when it was very early on in its … Read more