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Griftlands Review – Great Friends In Low Places

Publisher: Klei Entertainment
Developer: Klei Entertainment

June 4, 2020

Rating: Teen
Reviewed on: Xbox Series X/S
Also on:
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Griftlands is a deck building game set on a cutthroat alien planet where conflicts require either a sharp dagger or sharper wit. Your tools to survive are shuffled into decks of cards that grow and evolve through the course of the adventure. Klei Entertainment’s card battler sounds similar to games like Slay the Spire, but the differentiator is an interconnected world full of characters and factions where your actions and relationships actually matter. Griftlands presents a mostly satisfying narrative while scratching my itch for complex deck building roguelikes.

The bulk of Griftlands’ action revolves around card slinging during heated negotiations and battles. However, the combat and negotiation systems both have bespoke decks and mechanics. Battles are straight forward physical fights where you use attack, defense, … Read more