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Nexus Mods' Decision About Collections Met With Instant Community Backlash Over Rights Of Removal

Nexus Mods is one of the largest modding sites in the world and it’s one that we share quite a bit with our weekly Mod Corner column. The new Collections system is a way for members to garner a list of mods that they’d like, but there’s a pretty heavy caveat that comes along that. The new system, which is set to go live in August, makes it impossible for mod creators to delete the files they’ve chosen to share if those mods are curated as part of a Collection. To say that the community backlash was immediate would be a massive understatement. 

In a substantial blog post over on the site, it was revealed that this new feature – a feature that has been in the works since 2019 – will be ready to fully deploy next month. The Collections “means that mod files are no longer deleted, but … Read more