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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Is Awesome Or Terrible. Possibly Both.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I sat down with Team Ninja’s take on classic Final Fantasy last night, but I sure as hell wasn’t ready for what I experienced. At once, it was both a nostalgic romp through one of my favorite Final Fantasy game settings in precision timing action form and a bizarre B-movie with characters hammier than a pork sandwich. I’ve heard a ton of people complaining about the graphics as well, but I actually didn’t have an issue with them. PlayStation 3? Have you actually looked at a PlayStation 3 game lately? Seriously, c’mon. Yes, it’s absolutely not the definitive “current gen experience”, but to call it a PS3 game is ridiculous.

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The goblins (imps), wolves, and the rest of the temple setting actually work for me and herald back to one of the more underrated games in Read more