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Xbox And Bethesda Games Showcase E3 2021 Watch Along With Game Informer

The day has finally come for fans of all things Halo, Elder Scrolls, and Psychonauts as Microsoft and Bethesda will have their turn to take the digital stage and hopefully wow us with what’s coming down the pipeline for Xbox fans. Today also marks the first time we’ll get to see the two companies together since Microsoft’s landmark deal to buy Bethesda earlier this year. 

We’re going to celebrate this exciting day in style and watch one of the biggest E3 conferences of the week with the GI community live at 11:45 a.m. CT! Join the Council of Alexes (Van Aken and Stadnik) as they get hyped for new looks at some of the biggest games on the planet. But what exactly will those games look like?

Microsoft has been relatively quiet on what we’ll see in the lead-up to their E3 2021 digital event, but we do know some … Read more