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What Would A Dark And Violent Pokémon Game Look Like? Feast Your Eyes On Palworld

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The trailer for Palworld shows monster collecting and plenty of tender moments with them, and then things get super dark. Developer by Pocket Pair, Palworld is slated to release in 2022, and is an open-world survival game with multiplayer, crafting, farming, and most important of all Pal collecting. Pal are the creatures in this world. Comparisons to the Pokémon games are easy to make…until the guns come out.

The trailer shows a human character petting a dog-like Pal in front of a cozy fireplace setting, and a few sequences of her running through the wilderness with it. We also see Pal being used to water plants, blow fields, and light campfires. Tucked into these joyous shots are clips of the character running and gunning with an assault rifle. She’s apparently mowing down Pal poachers. In a faq on Palworld’s Steam page, Pocket Pair makes the … Read more