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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Player Finds Long Lost Mars Rover Easter Egg In Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers newcomers and veteran fans alike a chance to enjoy the beloved BioWare trilogy on this generation of consoles with all of the previously released story DLC. With so many new players boarding the Normandy for the first time, longtime fans are getting to experience that excitement once more vicariously through a new wave of fans. That being said, there are still secrets being found. Secrets like this Mars Rover Easter egg in Mass Effect 3. 

I remember finding this cute little guy a few years ago and I had no idea that it wasn’t something people knew about. This has been an Easter egg that has gone largely undiscovered for over ten years, and with all of the news about Mars in real life? It’s pretty heckin’ cute. Check out the adorable little clip in the tweet below: 

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