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E3 2021 Awards Show Will Take Place On Showcase's Final Day, Celebrating Game Reveals

E3 2021 is just around the corner and promises a ton of game reveals, first looks, and more news for gamers worldwide to feast those eyes on. The all-digital event will have many surprises in store, in addition to the E3 2021 Awards Show celebrating them all at the end of this year’s showcase. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The E3 2021 Awards Show will be a small affair, nothing as large as The Game Awards that happen every December. It will be kicking off on June 15, E3’s final day, and will feature an eclectic list of “winners” regarding which titles have the community the most excited. 

“For this year’s event, we are collaborating with editors at some of the world’s leading video game media outlets to create the Official E3 2021 Awards Show, recognizing the show’s most anticipated games,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, president, and CEO of the ESA, … Read more