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Super Replay Is Back With Bloodborne

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Are you ready for part twelve of our epic playthrough of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne! Grab some snacks and come join us as we take the iconic whirligig saw out for a spin on the toughest bosses of The Old Hunters. Check out our review here and join us today at 2 PM CT!

Are you ready for a chilling thrill ride through FromSoftware’s masterpiece? Bloodborne is a dark horror action/RPG that tasks the player with navigating through haunted streets full of werewolves and shuffling, shambling ghouls – and that’s just the first hour. Bloodborne showcases immaculate environments dripping with atmosphere, creative and cruel monster designs, and terrors ripped from the great beyond. And we’re going to play through it! Super Replay, the legendary Game Informer series that pairs pro players with even more professional commentary, is back.

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