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New Dying Light 2 Video Shares More About The Story, Open-World Events, Factions, And More

It looks like the dry spell of Dying Light 2 news is finally over, because this is the second video we’ve had in a short amount of time offering more insight into the highly anticipated sequel from Techland. As part of an ongoing developer update video series for the studio, the latest episode puts associate producer Julia Szynkaruk center stage to talk more about the story, the characters players will meet, factions, and quite a bit more. 

In the video, Szynakurk talked about a few details previously confirmed, including that the 15-year time jump of the sequel means that we will not see any familiar faces from the first game. That being said, that doesn’t mean Kyle Crane’s efforts were in vain, the new story will reflect back on Crane’s role in the franchise frequently. Techland even teases ways that his decisions will impact the second game, though how exactly … Read more