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Take A Look At Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker In Action

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This year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival may not have been the joyous gathering of fans that it has been in years past, but the move from an in-person event to a digital livestream still delivered plenty of surprises and excitement. The focus was intently on the forthcoming Endwalker expansion pack, which was announced to have a November 23 release date.

One of the biggest reveals was a new job called Reaper. Wielding a giant scythe that channels dark magics each time its swung, this role appears to be primarily close-range DPS, although you can see a ghostly transformation in the video below that appears to have some kind of a ranged magical attack. This job can only be accessed if the player has another at level 70, and is only available to people who purchased the Endwalker expansion.

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